Nightlife: “Active feminist performance artists are fierce survivors of the patriarchal machine,” multi-disciplinary queer artist Coral Short tells me in advance of the premiere of her piece Stop Beating Yourself Up…” – Jordan Arseneault

Montreal Gazette: “Game On also includes a boxing performance on Friday by queer artist Coral Short, who spends three hours beating on her worst enemy: herself.” – Morgan Lowrie

Edgy Women Blog: “Of course, to anyone in the trans-national queer art world of San Francisco, Vancouver, NYC/Brooklyn, Montréal and Berlin, Coral is one of the most known artists in our cosmology.” – Jordan Arseneault

Gay Incantations x The One Project “Gay Incan­ta­tions is a project started by Coral Short and Lucas Craw­ford. The pair offered 56 incan­ta­tions across the inter­net to add some glit­ter and gold to the bleak month of Feb­ru­ary through their web­site and Face­book page.” – Bryce Evans

Curve:  “We believe in involving community in our art practice. Our work is a social practice. The synergy is powerful between audience and artist when the fourth wall is removed as it is in queer cabaret. We both believe in accessible art and the idea that art should be available to everyone.” – Jessica Schlesinger 

entre elles:  “En gros, notre but est d’insérer un contingent radical et de créer un endroit sécuritaire dans la marche, pour tous les gens qui, pour une raison ou une autre, ne se sentiraient pas les bienvenus.” – Jacinthe Dupuisle 

xtra: “The army, a large-scale community project involving textiles and performance, first premiered at New York’s Dyke March – which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and attracted 20,000 people – says Canadian artist Coral Short, who is based in New York” –  Andrea Houston “Short organise une réappropriation de l’espace public par des gens qui, en principe, en sont exclus, ou dont l’existence à tout le moins est refusée par l’establishment.” – Marie-Chantal Scholl

nouveau queer: “… mesmerizing and sensual. The audience was fascinated by the energy radiating from, and being projected upon, the huddle of graceful creatures. So incredibly beautiful and curious…” – n*q

xtra:  Montreal’s radical queers team up with Berlin’s radical queers. The festival gets a little trans-Atlantic love from Entzaubert, Berlin’s radical queer film fest. For one night only, Entzaubert will show films curated by Berlin-based artist Mascha and presented by Montreal artist Coral Short. – Lina Harper

artistic things: “Critiquing assimilationist politics in mainstream “Gay Rights” movements, smashing the gender binary, and sassing sex politics from Montreal to Glasgow, Vancouver to London UK, Coral’s art is fabulous, intelligent… and deserves more than a second look.” – g.jessy

paper mag: “By night’s end the audience that crowded into Bedford Stuyvesant’s Grace Exhibition Space — a colorful bunch that included suit-clad college boys, hip-hop wannabes, and a woman wearing a Viking helmet — had experienced an evening that included raw eggs, tap dancing, accordion playing, confetti, an indoor bike race, and artist Coral Short eating huge mouthfuls of screws and feathers. Live large indeed. Whether you’re in search of an adventure, art, free wine and beer, someone to date, or all the above, take the J train to Bedford Stuyvesant for one of Grace Exhibition Space’s dizzying shows. And remember to think big.” – Chinon Williams

xtra: “Till death do us part, or a nasty divorce. But mostly, let’s just promise to hold each other on the barcalounger, for better or for worcestershire. In sick outfits and in hellcats re-runs. You may kiss my bride. Coral Short united many buddies in this ceremony…”– Lina Harper

the scope:  Coral Short first came up with it. When a bunch of us were back in university in Montreal, we came up with the project. Her father owns a bookstore, and they were book-scouting for used books and she came across amazing old kitchen appliances. She brought them home and started playing with them. She thought they were very attractive objects, and she started recruiting people who didn’t know each other…

feminine moments:  Practicing intimacy through encounters within art has been the backbone of my work for years. I love to investigate themes of community, trust, and energy exchanges.